MAGIX Fastcut

MAGIX Fastcut 3.0

Create nice-looking videos from your own clips and photographs

MAGIX Fastcut helps you create nice-looking videos from your own clips and photographs. The tool is intended to be easy for everyone, so it is quite unlikely you have any difficulty to use it, even if it is your first time. However, should you need any help, it is good that there is an introductory tutorial and you can get more information from the developer’s site.

The program’s interface has been designed in a wizard fashion. In this respect, I am glad it perfectly matches its workflow. Your work begins when you import the desired contents and, fortunately, multiple video formats and practically any image are supported. At this point, you can preview the contents of a clip by hovering your mouse over its thumbnail. Besides, you can rotate the image if it is necessary. Luckily, you can leave contents sorting to the program using various criteria, such as date and file type, which does not mean you cannot do it manually as well. Next, you can also pick one of the available audio tracks.

This is about all that needs to be done to create your video. Still, before that, you can preview the resulting file and even add a title to it. By the way, the program does a great job in automatically editing your clips to the beat of the music track you have chosen. Once you are satisfied with the results, you can proceed to export your video. The tool can export in HD but it only allows MP4 as target format. Regrettably, it is not possible to save your work as a project, which would allow you to continue it later.

In general, MAGIX Fastcut is not meant to be sophisticated but easy to use. In fact, it lacks some of the features you can find in other similar software, such as stabilizing the image, creating your own templates and applying slow-motion effects. The product is free to use but, if you want some additional editing features, you should get them separately as in-app purchases. There is also a Plus edition, which comes with some of the features this one does not support.

Pedro Castro
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Review summary


  • Wizard-like interface
  • Supports importing multiple video and picture formats
  • Edits your clips automatically to the beat of the music
  • Allows expanding its features


  • Cannot stabilize the image
  • Does not allow creating your own templates. Does not support slow-motion effects
  • Does not allow saving your project
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